On to Kasane

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I have left the Moremi park and made the long trek around the sand roads through Nata to Kasane where I am staying in Chobe national park beside the Chobe river. The drive was a recollection of driving along roads and through towns sitting in the back seat of our Volkswagon beetle with the dog staring endlessly into miles and miles of Africa. The names all sounded familiar, as I remember this trip when I was 6 years old. Botswana had just become independent, after being a British colony, and celebrations were underway. I learned something about the currency today: the Pula and the Thebes, they mean ” rain”and “drop”, and reflects this people’s connection to nature.

I recall what seemed like driving for days through flat dry desert and salt flats on dusty gravel roads through clouds of billowing dust thinking we would never get there. Today this road is “paved”, although the many pot holes are a way to stay focused on driving. The 7 hour drive took me through small villages displaying bundles of thatch for sale, and finally to the lush riverbank of the Chobe. I got there in time to get out on a small boat with a riverbank filled with elephant, buffalo, water buck, kudu, crocodiles, and an abundance of birds.

I have tried to find wifi service, but it appears to be down. I am off to Victoria falls in the morning and will try to connect. I have decided to take a bus into Zimbabwe after hearing about the hassles of bringing a vehicle in.