Our Approach

Our projects begin by first understanding our clients, their needs and wishes, as well as their vision. Through this we determine how you live and use all of the spaces, inside and outside. We then study the site, both from a practical zoning perspective, and in a more conceptual approach to understand the context, sight lines, views, sun and wind exposure. From here we develop a conceptual design bringing the program and site together through sketches or in model form.

It is through this that we give form to the vision blending the poetics of the program and site together. Through continuous client review we develop the design in detail until we are ready to produce documents for construction. We will often work with the client and a contractor to establish a building budget, which will inform the finishing details of the project. We can take care of all of the details from lighting to fixtures, and help in finding and hiring construction contractors.

We have been able to bring a strong design sense to our projects and enjoy working with a variety of architectural languages, from modern contemporary to “west coast” timber frame styles. The resulting buildings are unique, reflecting the clients tastes, while bringing in our own easthetic.