FYI Eye Clinic

This renovation and addition is designed to provide facilities for Optometry as well as Ophthalmology.  The upper floor is designed to provide retail display space, pre-testing facilities and exam rooms.  The plan is organized around a central reception area, and a curving ramp and hallway lead you through the building.  The lower level houses office [...]


CT Scanner Project – St. Mary’s Hospital

This addition and renovation to St. Mary’s Hospital was built to house a new CT scanner and mammography imaging center. The building was designed to reflect the process and technology of the equipment it houses. The building façade follows the proportions of the golden section, and the block structure modules of 4” X 16” are [...]


St. Mary’s Hospital Expansion

A master planning document was produced through extensive functional programming, user group meetings, and site planning options. All of the existing departments were analyzed, and recommendations were made as to which would be housed in new construction. The various options were reviewed with user groups, and a preferred option was developed.


Upstream Family Medical

An existing family medical clinic was expanded to double it’s size in a complex two phase project. The plan was strategically designed to allow the new construction to be completed without disrupting the existing operations. The clinic was then decanted into the new space, and renovations of the existing clinic were completed. The final stage [...]