Sustainability & Green Principles

Sustainable and Green Principles encompass an integrated and holistic approach to design that looks at finding solutions that minimize the negative impact of buildings and their systems on their occupants and the environment.

To evaluate the practicality and viability of Sustainable and Green options, in a way that is meaningful, a separate set of evaluation criteria is assembled and reviewed as part of the Work Plan and Methodology.

Evaluation Criteria for Sustainability and Green Principles:

- Initial vs. Life Cycle Costs
- Energy Conservation (Efficiency of Systems) & Atmosphere
- Healthy Working Environment (Occupant Comfort and Well Being)
- Indoor Environmental Quality (Natural Day Light Access and Ventilation, Low-emission materials)
- Site Sustainability
- Innovation and System Integration (Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical)
- Water Efficiency (Landscaping, Wastewater Treatment, Water use Reduction)
- Materials and Resources (Collection and Storage of Recyclables, Waste Management, Reused, Recycled or Certified Materials, Local or Regional Materials