We spent our first night in the Namibian desert. No words can describe this place….desolation, beauty. We drove out into the desert to watch the African sun sink into the horizon.




It’s been quite a few days…we’ve been on gravel for two days and are now in the Namibian desert.

We spent yesterday in the tunkwa Karoo in the desert in a post apocalyptic mad max camp. Today was a transition into the Namibian desert, on total gravel roads. We watched the sun go down over the fish river canyon.




Yesterday was a day traveling from the cool coast to the semi desert inland. Temperature rose fro 17 to 30 in less than 2 hours. We spent the night in the Karoo desert.




Today started off rainy, but progressed into spectacular sunshine. We left the hills for the coastline watching the right whales in Hermanus off the rocky coastline. We headed south to the tip of Africa before stopping in Arniston on the coast.

The familiar smells of childhood rushed through me as we passed by a bush fire, and breathed the ocean spray.




We woke up to rain and wind…just like home, we decided to ride anyway through the local mountain passes.

Despite the persistent rain the terrain is spectacular. Tomorrow it’s off to Cape Augulis, the southernmost tip of Africa.



Today was the first day of riding. Spectacular is the only word to describe it. The road wound its way around the sculptured rock of the coastal range to the Cape of Good Hope, the point of many shipwrecks. The smell of the salt air was a reminder of years past….




We have awaken to pouring rain and zero visibility!!! Springtime in Cape Town. Today we meet to start our bike ride to Cape Augulis, the southern most point in Africa. Yesterday was a day of exploration to some of the old ports.

thanks to the Arts for having me for the last few days!!!!



After 42 hours of travel through London, I finally made it to Cape Town. Arriving at 7 in the morning, I couldn’t decide if I should sleep or try to stay awake. I chose the latter and spent the morning at the local wineries. I have discovered the cure for jet lag!!

I woke to the sounds of Africa. Birds that I hadn’t heard for 37 years, but whose call evoked instant memory. I am catching up with an old classmate and his family until I meet up with the rest of the group.



The long trip to Cape Town is started. I sit at the airport gate with motorcycle helmet in hand with puzzled gazes from fellow passengers. It was in my carry on, but I had the bright idea of buying a salmon and stuffing it into the helmet!,,