Wolf Willow Seniors Cohousing

This twenty unit cohousing project is planned for a vacant site near the downtown core of Saskatoon. As the first seniors couhousing project in Canada, the residents are pioneers both in its concept and in the neighbourhood. A mix of old established residential houses and industrial and commercial uses surround this urban site. The building is designed to create a courtyard at the street level and a more private outdoor patio on the second level. The common house is located on the main floor with access to the parking structure and by way of an elevator to the units above.The “common house” contains a large communal kitchen, dining and activity spaces. Although each is provided with it’s own kitchen, common meals are available a few days each week for those who wish to participate.

The site is designed to provide personal privacy as well as create opportunities for interaction with neighbours. Green building features are integrated throughout the design, and automobile use typicall decreases. Cohousing residents participate in the planning and design process from the beginning, from site selection through the site design and the buildings. After completion the residents are involved in the ongoing management and maintenance of the project