Painted Boat Resort

Building Size and Use:
4 Residential Building with 31 units (20,000 sf)

Nestled amongst the trees along the spectacular Sunshine Coast, this waterfront site was the location of the former Lowes Resort. The original resort consisted of small cabins and mobile homes arranged to preserve the natural features of the site. The client had a vision for the property to maintain the memory of the site’s original character, and develop the land with as minimal impact as possible. To meet the challenge the consultants had to look to unconventional solutions and the client was more than willing to make the financial and time commitments required to do so. The consultant team was assembled, and became committed to this concept in each of their disciplines. The site was completely surveyed to identify all of the natural features, including the species and sizes of all trees; this became the template by which the site planning was initiated. Civil engineering and architecture were developed in harmony with the site, from underground service locations to on-site storm water management.

The Residential Units are divided in to four smaller buildings with consideration not only given to how they meet the ground and the sky relative to the landscape, but to the spaces created between them. The beauty of the trees is reflected in timber posts; which carry the decks into the treetops. The surrounding aging fishing structures, docks, and pilings informed the details of the architectural language. The park like setting was maintained to invite owners and guests to experience the site as it was in the past, while the interiors of each unit allow them to relax in a contemporary environment of the present.