Dolphin Street Project

This housing project in downtown Sechelt is planned to address the critical needs for residents of the Sunshine Coast with a severe and persistent mental illness. It is designed to establish a more stable, healthy and independent life through the provision of housing integrated with treatment and support services. The site of a former RCMP station has been developed to provide a total of sixteen housing units, and the existing building is being renovated to provide support facilities. These consist of common activity spaces, a community use space, a large kitchen and dining area, as well as common laundry facilities. The building will not only serve residents of the site, it will provide programs for the entire Sunshine Coast.

The residences are designed as modular units, and the first eight units are provided through VANOC, through a legacy housing project. Eight units from Whistler that were used to house athletes during the Olympics will be moved to the site as a first phase. Eight additional units are planned for the future