Moremi game park

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Today was one of the most harrowing drives of the trip. The day started with getting the permits to travel into the park, located about 112 km from Maun. The game ranger said it would take at least 4 hours, depending on conditions. The “road” is a 2 track sand route winding through the delta. The only advice I was given was not to stop in the deep sand. I was on my way and there was no tuning back.

I recalled the words “would you like to think about this” from Dana and Maya, but here I am in Africa!!!!!. I had a four wheel drive, but I never made it past second gear. It was an incredible and magical ride swerving through the dunes and brush, confronted by wildlife of every shape and form. I had to remember ” don’t stop”. Giraffe, elephant, hippo, wildebeest, springbok, kudu to name a few. All in the space of 4 crazy hours. There are some other vehicles on the road, but this still seems untouched by the typical commercialism I am used to. The whole route had 1 sign, and about 20 turnoffs. Luckily I had a track gps from Henk from the bike trip which saved me lots of wrong turns. I reached the camp site, and the first thing they said was ” we’ve been having trouble with elephants, hyenas and baboons”, not sure what that means.

The campground (all 6 spaces) was full, so they gave me a tented platform. It’s an incredible site to see, with a double bed and ensuite. Look at the pictures. I’ve had an amazing shower, and am heading out into the delta by boat later. I’ve decided to stay 2 days, just to avoid the drive back…..